Sleep is crucial to health and wellness, but sometimes restful sleep can be hard to get! Here are some tips to a better night of rest!

  • Cut back on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, or refrain from them later in the day. All three of these can disrupt sleep.
  • Keep naps short and early. Naps should be no longer than 45 minutes, and early in the afternoon.
  • Set the right environment. Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet. Wear earplugs if snoring is disrupting your sleep.
  • Limit screen time an hour before bed. If you enjoy reading before bed, be sure what you are using to read does not have a lighted screen.Keep TVs out of the bedroom, so you aren’t tempted to watch them before falling asleep.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough exercise. Whether it’s running, cycling or golfing, aerobic exercise can improve your quality of sleep.